Dakira Accounting Debt Services

Debt Services Glasgow

If you’re drowning in a sea of debt and need help, let Dakira Accounting get you on the right track to help rebuild your credit score. We offer advice on personal insolvency issues with solutions ranging from trust deeds, sequestrations, minimal asset process and debt management plans. If you’re struggling to meet repayments, contact us today.

Trust Deed

Available as a solution to clear debt within 48 months, a trust deed is a voluntary formal arrangement with your creditors. You pay a set amount over 48 months and have control over your assets. Most importantly if you own a property, you get to keep it.


A sequestration is a formal bankruptcy route where the trustee has control over your assets. You pay what you can afford over 48 months.

Minimal Asset Process

For those who have little or no assets and no surplus income, minimal asset process allows you to pay off debt over 6 months.

Debt Management Plan

The repayment for this debt solution is unlimited. You pay your debt in full over a period to suit you.