Dakira Accounting Company Incorporation Glasgow

Company Incorporation & Formation in Glasgow

Do you want to create a company in Glasgow but don’t know? With over 35 years experience in company formations, Dakira Accounting provides practical advice to guide you through the process. The first step is to source a name for your company then register it with Companies House. We can take care of all the paperwork in starting a new company. We will make sure you understand what’s involved such as allocating share and appointing a company secretary. With direct business relationships with banks and formation agents, we have the technical expertise with company incorporation in Glasgow.

Step 1 – Choose a company name

When choosing a name, go for one that best describes your business services. If you have the word Glasgow or Scotland in the name, give careful consideration to this as you may expand and want to target business outwith these areas. Increasingly when applying for credit or promoting your services, a website is used as a professional reference for your company. Dakira Accounting can check if the name is available as a website address so customers and businesses can find you online. To find out more about create a website or even an email address, read our website services page then get in touch.

Step 2  – Company registration

Depending on your business circumstances we will choose the right type of registered business. The most common registered business is a limited company. The benefits of creating this type of business is that you separate personal and business finance and have the protection which a limited company offers. If the business is unsuccessful the liability of the company’s shareholders is limited to the amount of money they have invested with company shares. If you operate as a sole trader, without having a limited company you may find it difficult to secure contracts. We will take care of allocating shares and appointing a company secretary to take care of all administration responsibilities of running a limited company. We can also setup a virtual office with the benefits of providing a professional image for your business.

Dakira Accounting has vast experience in setting up individuals, sole traders, partnerships in Glasgow. We provide solutions across a range of different industries with growing demand from the CIS Industry. We also provide other essential business services such as registration for PAYE with our payroll services and tax advice on requirements like VAT registration and corporation tax.

For honest and cost effective advice, contact us today with your business scenario.